Annie's Herbals


How to Use the Products

We take care to design our products to work synergistically with one another, so here are some general tips/guidelines on how to use them for some common ailments.  If you are undecided or have questions regarding which product(s) would be most appropriate, please contact us. Also keep in mind that while the focus here is on animal care, these formulas are people-friendly as well, so don't be shy about using them yourself! We have many satisfied "human" customers who say they simply can't live without a tin of Annie's Healing Salve nearby. And be sure to be check out our Products page for additional formulas and herbs.

Cuts & Wounds:

First-Aid Formula diluted to recommended strength and applied as irrigant or with cotton swab; follow with Healing Salve.

Ear problems:

Antifungal Formula works well for yeast-related problems, especially when used in conjunction with Herbal Ear Relief or Herbal Mite Oil. (Use Mite Oil if problem is severe). Herbal Mite Oil will help resolve most ear mite infestations.
NOTE: Chronic ear infections or mite infestations indicate a systemic imbalance which may require additional homeopathic or other holistic treatment. If the problem does not resolve in a reasonable amount of time, please consult a holistic veterinarian. Also, never put anything in the ear if a bursted eardrum is suspected.


Annie’s Healing Salve and/or Antifungal Formula (for moist eczema). If you or your child have chronic eczema or psoriasis, I encourage you to seek homeopathic care. While skin problems can be difficult to treat (they are also difficult to treat with conventional medicine) I have seen amazing results in many cases.

Eye problems:

For conjunctivitis, "goopy" eyes, and general irritation, use Herbal Eye Care as directed.

Hot Spots, Sores:

Dilute First-Aid formula to recommended rate. Put in spray bottle and mist as needed, or use dilution as wash for area. Follow with Healing Salve if possible. Repeat as needed.

Itching, Insect bites: For you as well as your animal companions, try Herbal Ear Relief, Herbal Mite Oil, or Annie’s Healing Salve. All work great. Reapply as needed. The salve is especially useful in that it provides a protective barrier which allows the herbs to work longer. Really eases the itch and irritation of tick, chigger and mosquito bites while assisting the healing process.

Mouth problems:

Use First-Aid Formula. Can be painted directly on area. Where severe irritation exists or to use after tooth extraction, dilute to recommended strength and irrigate with syringe, or swab affected area(s) with soaked cotton.

Rashes, Acne:

Annie’s Healing Salve resolves most rashes (especially itchy ones) on its own. It has also cleared many cases of Feline chin acne. For personal use, try dabbing Antifungal Tincture on blemishes.


Antifungal formula applied neat (straight) 2-3 times daily. For additional assistance, follow with Usnea Compound Salve. (The salve seals in and reinforces the tincture’s action.)